Art of Science 2017
Submission Form (Part 1)

Note: frequently asked questions can be seen at these image or video FAQs.
Please provide the following information to submit your entry to the competition:

Your name:
Title of work:
Artist(s): e.g. "Jane Roe '07, John Doe GS, and Joe Schmoe (fac)"
Affiliation(s): e.g. "Dept. of Molecular Biology"
Imagery type (scale): e.g. "photo (10ft)" or "video (2cm across)" or "simulation"
Description: Please enter plain text, one paragraph, 250 words max. Note: for video submissions please also include a link to your video on YouTube.


We ask that you agree to the following statement:

    "I affirm that I am the creator of the work described above, and that I possess full copyright ownership (or that I am one of several creators and that I am acting with the consent of the others). I grant the Art of Science organizers permission to display the work in the Art of Science exhibition and online gallery, to include it in books or other published works derived from the competition, and to use it for other promotional purposes related to the contest."